Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Better/ Parent's Stories

I meet so many parents who are getting their kids better.  Here is one story of a child who is getting better through nutritional intervention.

Our son had the list of delays I see a lot of kids with; speech delay, fine motor skill delay and sensory integration issues and perhaps what looked like a problem with auditory processing. When I met “whattofeedyourkidsMom” and witnessed her amazing success with her toddler, it inspired me to have our son tested for food allergies and have his blood worked up with Dr. Pescatore ( check out the ALCAT food testing link and the link to his practice).

The results have been fantastic. He finished this gluten-free school year right on track. He’s much more verbal, he transitions easier and there are no signs of auditory processing issues. The best thing is that his imaginary play has kicked in and he’s become a kid that shares his world.

Every kid is his/her own puzzle, searching out the right Doctor and the right test is just the beginning to piecing your child’s puzzle together. The good news is there are so many more Doctors out there today then there were five years ago when I first started on this journey. They call themselves DAN Doctors, which stands for Defeat Autism Now. You don’t have to have a diagnosis of Autism for your child to be affected by these delays of varying degrees and types. If your child has speech delay, problems processing language, low muscle tone, sensory issues, you don’t need someone to give you a diagnosis for you to know that you need to help your child and it is as simple as changing what they consume. You will find so much information from other mothers out there blazing the trail to healing. We don’t have 20 years for the medical establishment to give us a study to tell us what works, we have to actively search out what works for our children and adjust accordingly.


Cannon and Kassie said...

great is so nice to hear that mothers are taking the initiative to help their children instead of waiting for the doctors to tell them what to do. Thanks for all your great info Kir.

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Tamara said...

Stories like that are so encouraging. I have all of my kids on a gf/cf diet, and I am learning something new each day about nutrition. Some think I'm a bit extreme for doing it...but I see the results in my children. It's nice to see blogs that reach out to parents in need of this knowledge....keep up the good work!

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