Sunday, August 10, 2008

EASY "homemade" FRESH pickles RECIPE

kids eating homemade pickles
I went to Haverhill, Massachusetts as part of our two month road trip. Of course, we brought some Bubbies Pickles--we don't travel without them. I realize that is a little quirky, but my daughter loves pickles and Bubbies are naturally fermented and cured and made without vinegar, which I like because vinegar can feed yeast overgrowth. But, Bubbies pickles aren't cheap and hard to find when you are on the road in the middle of nowhere. My Uncle John, who we were visiting, peeled a fresh cucumber leaving a little dark green rind and cut the cucumber into wedges and put them in the leftover pickle juice. Everyone loved the "fresh" pickles. I loved having one more vegetable to feed everyone. Also, it is important to spear the pickle with a clean fork so you don't contaminate the pickle juice. Here is a picture of everyone enjoying our fresh pickles in Vermont, our next stop.

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