Friday, November 14, 2008

FUN FRIDAY: Martha Stewart - Blog Contest

My blog didn't win the Martha Stewart blog contest, but I got a beautiful picture with Martha when I visited the Martha Stewart show last month with The Gourmet Club! Martha was really nice when the camera was rolling and when it wasn't. Not just to our group, but to the entire audience. After taping was over she spent fifteen minutes graciously answering questions from the audience. And I got to tell her about my blog and my passion for how nutrition impacts development. The Gourmet Club, I am a part of, is, by the way, so Martha. Once a month two members pair up and create an eight course meal. It's the most fun I have had in years. The Cardamom Spice Cake I made tonight (for the second time this week!) was from a recent dinner that Liz threw. You can find the recipes on the TheGourmetClubNYC blog and more pictures at Liz's blog. It was fun to have an outing to the Martha Stewart show and I am so grateful to Martha and everyone at Martha Stewart who got us this picture and to my husband, David, who supports me in all my "It's always an adventure with you" (said with a southern accent) escapades. You can click on the picture to get a closer look.

ps I have been on my soapbox a lot this week, so I thought I would get off the soapbox and enjoy my kids and my fun life for a moment! Maybe I should have a FUN FRIDAY post that is on the light side. What do you think???


Territory Mom said...

I love your soapbox, but I also like the "Fun Friday" idea. I've learned so much from your posts. I have a sensory child and we're working on a healthier lifestyle. As for our Fun Friday we are going to check out a new school. I hope it will be fun.

Territory Mom
P.S.: I'm a hit and miss blogger

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Our Family Is His said...

I know this is totally OT on the Martha topic (by the way, cool event in your life!!), but I wanted to thank you for your blog. You have really inspired me. My son has Autism and all the "lovely" things that go with it (sensory, speech, severe weak muscle tone, etc). We started with the GFCF diet and are already seeing some symptom improvement. This will be his final day of anything gluten at all (he has had only a smidge). Tomorrow is day one of his first full week with no G or C. He's been off C for quite a while now.

Also, thank you for your vaccine talks. Tomorrow will be the first time we discuss our new choice to stop vaxing the boys with our doctor. I know he's not keen on people doing that, but will allow me to work with our own decision on that issue (have another non-vaxing friend that uses him). I just hate to put it out there and dael with the questions and looks that we will get. I am also nervous to NOT put those meds in my son's body. I can admit that. I am big enough to admit it scares me to death. But the Autism scares me too and my 9 month old is already on the spectrum. We can't risk it. We just can't. Not with a 3 year old that has ASD.

So, thank you. Thank you for speaking out.

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