Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches were inspired by my VillaWare Prego Pizzelle Cookie press. I was experimenting with some sugar free almond cookies that weren't working and my Pizzelle Baker was out on the counter so I popped in some leftover gingerbread dough that was waiting to go in the oven. The wheels started turning in my brain when I saw the dark gingerbread cookies with the waffle pattern on them....ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! We are going to some dear friends for New Year's Eve tonight and I wanted to bring some fun treats for the kids. My kids love the Pizzelle cookies because they have this waffle pattern on them that seems thoroughly mainstream and not at all homemade. And I am sure they will love these ice cream sandwiches.

I bought the Pizzelle Baker on a whim when Bridge Kitchenware was moving out of Manhattan last year. At the same time I bought a stainless steel seltzer maker and a bunch of other things I didn't really have room for or need. But the Pizzelle Baker seems like a magical must have machine now. You put a blob of cookie dough (or cracker dough) into the center, press down on the handle, and 30 seconds later you have a perfect cookie (or cracker.)

When the cookies cooled, I lined them up on a tray, piped some GFCF coconut ice cream on the bottoms and carefully placed the best looking cookies on top. Then I quickly put they tray in the freezer to harden. You can make these ice cream sandwich cookies with any kind of cookies. Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches would be especially yummy.

Then I used the almond cookies in the press and rolled them up on my knife sharpener, which is something I learned in cooking school when we made tuile cookies. If you don't have a round knife sharpener you can use a round wooden stick to make the cigarrette shaped cookies. When they cooled I put some melted chocolate inside and piped the remaining coconut ice cream inside for some gluten free casein free King Kone like cookie.

Life isn't perfect--it's unpredictable and messy and just when you think everything is running smoothly it seems like something unexpected and complicated happens. Which is why there is something especially fun about being able to make perfect predictable cookies in this press. But the homemade version where you drop them on the tray and they are all different shapes taste just as good--if not better. I hope you enjoy the surprises and perfection that come your way in 2009.

Happy New Year and enjoy every crazy moment!


ソラ said...

It seems to be very delicious.

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faridah said...

Thats delicious

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Our Family Is His said...

Can I come live with you? You always have the best food ideas and fun.

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Jill said...

Sounds good! My son loves coconut ice cream and I know he would love these...thanks. Happy New Year!

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marshmelot kisses said...

those look scrumptious!!
i would love to make them for my daughter, i have a strawberry coconut ice cream that i use, but could you tell me your recipe for your sugar free, gluten free almond cookies?

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