Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orgran All Purpose Flour - The Best Gluten Free Flour

My son's preschool asked where they could find this terrific gluten free flour by Orgran. They make playdough out of it and cook with it in several classes that have kids with gluten and wheat allergies. You can find this flour mix at Fairway on the Upper West Side in NYC or online at www.Inspired


Our Family Is His said...

Thank you for this recommend. After really watching my 11 1/2 month old (with multiple food allergies, including milk and soy) I think we might have a gluten sensitivity. I am watching his diapers (that was my tell-tale sign of my sensitivity - well, my BM's) and we are still getting the nearly diarrhea poops and the muscous. Yeah. I am going to force this entire family to be gluten free at this point. We will, as the parents, have to wean ourselves. If I go cold turkey, I know I will not make it. I am a bread gal. But something has to give around here. I am now on the hunt for even better flours because the ones I have tried stink!

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