Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flavoring Fish Oil for Children

When the homeopathic doctor--an NYU trained neurologist-- first recommended fish oil for my daughter I tried every brand on the market until I discovered Omega 3 fish oil by Nordic Natural had the mildest flavor. The doctor arranged for me to bring it to Cherry's Pharmacy to have it flavored. Eventually I figured out I could buy the flavoring myself over the internet and save myself a trip to Cherry's. At first, I would ask my daughter "bubblegum or watermelon" so the focus would be on the flavor not the oil. For a month or two she chose bubblegum. Then she switched to watermelon. She liked the flavored oil so much once she kept it in her mouth for several blocks on her way to school. One month I didn't bother getting it flavored and discovered she preferred the straight up "lemon" flavor--which made things a lot easier.

I have recommended the Nordic Natural Omega 3 fish oil and Carlson's Cod Liver Oil to a number of friends who have kids . One friend had two sets of twins and she was desperate for one of them to take the fish oil. When she switched to the Nordic Natural brand she suddenly had all of them taking it. If you buy it from the internet, where the stock is fresh every two weeks, and then you keep it in the refrigerator, it should smell like lemony oil. If it has been sitting on the shelf at a health food store, it might be rancid. My kids take 1/2 to 1 tsp either Omega 3 fish oil or Carlson Cod Liver Oil. The Carlson Cod Liver Oil contains some natural Vitamin A and D. It is great in the winter or if someone is fighting an illness.

Here are some links to the flavor concentrates--the company that makes the bubblegum is nowhere to be found but I found another company that has a bunch of organic flavor concentrates that would appeal to kids:

Organic Watermelon Flavor
Organic Apple Flavor Concentrate
Organic Cherry Flavor Concentrate

Fish oil & Cod Liver Oil Sources:

Carlson's Cod Liver Oil
Carlson for Kids Cod Liver Oil
Nordic Natural Omega 3 Fish Oil:


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the idea on flavoring fish oil! I have 4 kids and I usually buy the nordic natural kids flavored stuff but have begin trying the liquid form again because it is a better value. 2 of the kids don't like the taste so I've been trying to decide what to hide the flavor in.
So again, thank you for the tip!

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