Thursday, June 25, 2009

Biofilm and Yeast

A biofilm is a weblike structure made up of calcium and magnesium that exists in nature to provide a safe home for bacteria and fungus. Biofilms, like yeast, exist inside of us everywhere. An example of a biofilm is the film that grows inside your mouth as you sleep. Calcium and iron can feed the biofilm.

But when pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria overgrow, sometimes taking steps to remove the protective biofilm while trying to kill the pathogens, is more effective than just targeting the pathogens.

I am a big fan of treating yeast. I have witnessed firsthand how many of my son's symptoms got better with antifungal treatment using Nystatin and got worse when the Nystatin was discontinued. But, I have seen even better results from treating the biofilm while killing the yeast.

In order to destroy the biofilm, you need to take an enzyme supplements that break the calcium and magnesium structure. As the weblike structure is destroyed, the pathogenic organisms remain unprotected and can be attacked with a broad spectrum antimicrobial supplement. Later on, you replenish the gut with good bacteria.

There are many supplements (like probiotics and fish oil) that can be implemented by parents on their own. But biofilm removal needs to be done with the help of a nutritionist or a doctor with an understanding of the complexity of the biofilm itself as well as the pathogenic and beneficial bacteria in the gut.

We are seeing Geri Brewster, who sees clients in Mount Kisco and New York City. Since using the biofilm protocol she recommended with my son the eczema on his face has disappeared and he is much less sensitive/allergic to foods. He had his first two weeks of camp and they had a small ice at the end of each day which he was fine with. Before starting the diet, he was better on a sugar free diet with Nystatin, but any sugar would trigger a worsening of his eczema/rash, and hyperactive, aggressive behavior. Geri Brewster's biofilm protocol is the best thing since ALCAT food sensitivity testing--and it's DEFINITELY on my top 10 list of things that have helped my son get better.


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