Friday, August 7, 2009

Betty Crocker Baking Mix Contest Winner...

The Betty Crocker Baking Mix Contest was our first contest and in the spirit of living a simpler life, my daughter and I wrote the names on small scraps of paper and she picked a winner out of a hat. Cherie won the contest. Cherie has two blogs: Tightwads with Triplets and More Than An Egg. Here is her comment:

"I'm a new reader to your blog and would love to try the mixes out. My son is completely GFCF and hasn't found a sweet treat that he likes yet. FYI: I googled my son's nutritionist (Kelly Dorfman) and found your blog. :)"

Congratulations to Cherie and thanks to everyone who made comments--and to Betty Crocker for making these NEW gluten-free baking mixes.


Territory Mom said...

What a cute photo! She looks so satisfied. Congrats Cherie! I'm going to order my Betty Crocker mixes from Amazon today. This will make our holiday season easier and tastier. Thanks

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Cherie said...

Hooray for me! I am so excited!

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Jennifer said...

I tried the Betty Crocker brownies this week. They tasted good. Unfortunately, they are too sweet. Too much sugar for me and I ended up with a migraine so I won't be making them any more. The good news is I have been eating peaches with no problem :)

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