Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Burlington IS Beautiful...but I am often busy

Mariel and Chloe are two young bloggers who are staying in Vermont next door. I took a look at TWO EGGS IN SNOW and ChloeKillwell--their blogs-- and seeing their artsy, edgy* West Village lives made me feel SOOOOOOOO old and reasonable and linear. Which is funny, because if you know me, you know that I have a difficult time being linear. Life is so relative. I agree with Chloe though...Burlington IS beautiful! I am just too busy doing laundry or watching the kids at the beach or cooking tacos to notice. So I thought I would be a little less obvious tonight and write about the day. Which will make this post still linear, but slightly more random...

We picked green beans and flowers at the farm and talked to the farmer about how tricky it is to pick a good watermelon--especially now with so much rain. He had on rain boots and I thought I would be less afraid if I saw a snake if I had on rain boots. Bagels for breakfast with almond butter and jelly. E. had peanut butter and jelly. I ran the dog down the street and back before we set off for the gym and the beach. Bought some Bluebonnet Calcium and Magnesium with D3 at Healthy Living after A. got these red welts from a mosquito bite. Can't help but mention that a high histamine response can be a sign of a magnesium deficiency and the Bluebonnet certainly helped his red welts. My daughter has been begging me for tapioca pudding the last few days so I made some vanilla ice cream tapioca pudding--no one drinks milk here so I used vanilla ice cream instead of milk. Ate outside while the kids begged us for more tacos. They settled for ice cream and playing on the rocks. I love watching the kids run off in the grass to the blueberries. Can't imagine how much I will miss their soft little feet and arms and legs when they are older. Life is not edgy and racy now but it is beautiful--and too busy to EVER be boring.

This is a picture of Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, Vermont.
*I would say racy--but that would make me sound even older.


Lauren said...

Looks so beautiful in Vermont. I am glad you are enjoying your summer:)


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