Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Sensitive Baker--A 100% Gluten Free Bakery in LA

Sensitive Baker
10836 1/2 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232-3610

It really made my son happy to go to a bakery that was 100% gluten AND dairy free. It is hard to believe that this place even exists. The vanilla cupcakes topped with a generous swirl of frosting were my favorite. My son said the frosting was "too sweet" and "too sugary" and asked if I could remove it. I guess he doesn't have my sweet tooth--because I thought they were delicious. His favorite was the chocolate zucchini muffin. I went crazy and bought a half dozen muffins, a half dozen unfrosted vanilla cupcakes, bagels, and breadsticks.

I love The Sensitive Baker's website, which says:

"LA's premier gluten-free bakery! Well, ok; LA's only gluten free bakery."

In case you have other allergies, there is a user friendly allergen chart on their Frequently Asked Questions page. Looking over the website more closely, I realized this one of a kind west LA bakery is actually up for sale--in case any readers feel like taking their gluten free baking to the next level. I actually would consider it, but it is a little far from where I live--in New York City.

They have two recipes online:
The Sensitive Baker's Gluten Free Challah
The Sensitive Baker's Gluten Free Morning Glory Muffins


Betsy said...

We saw the Sensitive Baker on a show about saving businesses. My children have been wanting to go there ever since. I hope we will have time to go when we visit CA in the winter.

Another great place that is GFCF is the Flying Apron in Seattle. My children were thrilled when we told them they could eat anything they wanted. We ended up getting a huge box full of goodies to last us a few days.

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