Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank you for the Betty Crocker Mixes...

Betty Crocker launched FOUR new baking mixes that are gluten-free this summer. My favorites are the chocolate chip cookie mix and the brownie mix. I recently had a Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Baking Mix contest and Misha at Beauty and Joy said...

"Would LOVE to win this. The thought of what this will do to help my kids feel a part of parties makes me so happy (and a little teary!)."

Not only will these mixes make gluten free life a little easier (and sweeter) but so many friends and relatives who might be unwilling to make gluten-free food, will have no problem making a gluten-free mix if it is in a familiar Betty Crocker box right in the aisle of their supermarket. I was so touched by Misha's heartfelt comment and now Betty Crocker is sending her the baking mixes to try out! Misha's kids made these thank you cards I wanted to share so everyone could see how happy they are about the new gluten-free mixes.

Here is what Misha had to say about the new mixes, which I think sums up how many of us feel:

"I wish I could even tell you how much it will mean to both my kids...and to me. The ostracizing they have faced at sweet birthday parties etc. has broken my heart. I have baked my own little heart out and still had such a hard time baking things that their friends found palatable and would share with them and have, too.

Thank you so much. I had already told the kids about the new mixes and I wish you could have heard the cheering! :)"