Saturday, November 14, 2009

MyCeliacID Genetic Testing Coupon for November

Get $80 off MyCeliacID, from Prometheus, a saliva based genetic test for celiac disease through the end of November with coupon "NovemberSpecial" (Expires 12/31/09. Restrictions apply. Can't be combined with other offers.)

Prometheus is the lab that the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia uses. The report tells you your increased risk over the general population as well as your relative risk for developing celiac disease. For instance, if you are DQ2/DQ8 positive with two genes for celiac you would have a "very high" relative risk of developing celiac which was 14x increased over the general population. If you think you have celiac, but are on a gluten free or low gluten diet, this is also an excellent test to consider.