Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Best Fish Oil for Kids

I religiously tell people to buy fish oil online from Omega Direct or Carlson Nutritional Supplements. Buying direct from a manufacturer who only sells fish oil ensures that the product is kept at a low temperature and isn't rancid when you open it. My whole family has taken fish oil for two years now without a problem, but recently I decided to try buying the fish oil from Whole Foods and then from Fairway.

I usually tell people to order the fish oil from the internet, figuring an oil with a fresh lemon taste that has no fishy taste would be easier to introduce to kids. But, I thought after two years of taking fish oil, maybe we wouldn't be as sensitive. Boy was I wrong. We threw away the regular Carlson Cod Liver Oil without the lemon taste I purchased from Fairway. And today I tossed the 3-6-9 I bought at Whole Foods.

While Carlson Lemon Flavor Cod Liver Oil is award winning, the Regular flavor Cod Liver Oil is truly disgusting. I guess if you are allergic to lemon, love fishy oil and there was a gun to your head you MIGHT want the regular flavor, but short of that I would go with the award winning lemon flavor. My son, who has been taking cod liver oil for two years went screaming "That isn't OIL--it's FISH OIL" after I gave him the regular flavored Carlson Cod Liver oil bought from Whole Foods.

I love the Lemon Flavor and you wouldn't believe the number of families with kids I have gotten to take it. But whatever you do make sure you buy the LEMON FLAVOR. And save yourself some money and buy it from Carlson Nutritional Supplements or from Omega-Direct which sells another reputable brand, Nordic Naturals. Both companies use oil that are well tested for mercury and other contaminants so there products are safe to use. I just ordered two bottles of the Carlson's Finest Fish Oil Lemon Flavor directly from Carlson Nutritional Supplement and Complete Omega 3-6-9 from Omega Direct. I kind of went overboard not wanting to ever end up having to buy it locally again. I bought EPAxtra capsules from Omega-Direct for my husband. While the fresh, liquid oil is the healthiest option, the capsules are easier and more convenient.

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Territory Mom said...

Thank you so much for this information.

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Betsy said...

Very informative. I may have to switch from our Nordic Naturals for children.

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J said...

I may have to try Lemon the next time we buy - I usually buy orange and it is not terrible especially mixed with a few sips of orange juice. Do you give the lemon oil by itself?

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