Sunday, March 21, 2010

What To Feed Your Kids and GLOW Gluten Free Cookies at the NAA NYC Bowl-a-thon

Today was the NAA NYC's first ever bowl-a-thon. What to Feed Your Kids (me!) made all the gluten free casein free food and Glow Gluten Free donated cookies for the almost one hundred bowlers and friends who joined in our efforts to support the NAA NYC. I really appreciate Glow Gluten Free for providing cookies--and help at the bowl-a-thon today. I made:

to go with the fruit and vegetable platters and hummus and salsa that I bought from Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is a great place to find gluten free food and organic fruits and vegetables and it is always my first stop when I trying to serve a bunch of people. I also brought my popcorn maker and we served warm air popped popcorn, too. I was most proud of my gluten free casein free quiche--although it needed a little more salt. The chocolate chip cookies were the most popular but I like the carrot cake best.

Anyway, my kids walked in, surveyed the food options and both chose to have the GLOW Double Chocolate Cookies first. A huge score for my friend Jill who created these cookies and witnessed them both selecting her cookies without hesitation. I do appreciate that the cookies have some protein and fiber in them, which tides them over until a real meal. In this way, they can function like a powerbar--only with less ingredients. I met Jill when she was selling cookies at a Celiac event and we bonded over raising our gluten free kids in a gluten filled world and a determination to change the world one gluten free cookie at a time. (Mine you have to make yourself--hers you can buy.) Congratulations to GLOW Cookies for recently being Rachel Ray's cookie of the day! (And a big thank you for the RR swag of the day which was passed on to me--I LOVE the knife.)

I am thrilled that the NAA NYC made over $50,000 which will help them to expand their program. Congratulations to Kim of EmbracingWellness, Peggy, Stuart and Liz for making this event such an astounding success. Of course, the biggest thank you has to go to everyone who donated money to make the fundraiser such a success.