Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Friday: Ping Pong Set

Franklin Table Tennis 2 Player Competition Set allows you to turn any rectangular surface into a mini ping pong table. "It's the best $14.00 I've ever spent," my 8 year old said after our first game on our kitchen table. Our house is filled with toys--and too many of them are plastic (mostly Legos and Playmobil)--so it was nice to stumble onto something that is not only fun, but made of wood, metal and nylon. The Franklin set has two clamps for each end of the net and I used a large clip to make the net smaller to fit our kitchen table. It's quite an impressive set up for such a small investment and it would also make a great gift for anyone over the age of 6. We bought ours at State News on 86th Street but it's also available on Amazon. For $20 you can buy the set a 4 Player Tournament Set with 4 paddles.

<--Clip the net to fit smaller table