Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quote of the Week on Indian Food

We went to an Indian Restaurant in Key Biscayne, Florida called Ayeesha. My parents had spoken to the owner and the owner assured them that most of the menu was gluten free and only the naan contained wheat flour. When we arrived at the restaurant my eight year old asked me what samosa's were. I replied "You can't have those--they are made with wheat." The owner said:

"NO, there is no wheat flour in the samosas--they are made with all purpose flour!"

It is relatively easy to find gluten free food in an Indian restaurant, but you have to make sure the restaurant understands that wheat free/gluten free encompasses more than just wheat flour. Probably, the best bet to avoid confusion would be to carry these gluten free dining cards. Gluten free restaurant cards are available FREE to print out through celiactravel.com or you can purchase a laminated set through Triumph Dining Gluten Free Restaurant Cards. Here is a link to the Hindi card which might have been handy to have at our Indian dinner.


Cathy said...

That's funny, in a sad kind of way. I have had so many people say the same thing to me.

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