Friday, May 14, 2010

Authentic Foods Flour and Nutritious Gluten Free Flours

Authentic Foods All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour GF Classical Blend is a finely milled flour mix you can use to replace traditional all-purpose flour. With a little added xanthum gum to replace the sticky gluten found in traditional flour, you can make any recipe gluten free without compromising taste. I discovered Authentic Foods Flour after I purchased Annalise Roberts Gluten Free Baking Classics, which is my favorite cookbook for gluten free baked goods. The GF Classical Blend is based on the flour mix she recommends. Authentic Foods even has my favorite GF vanilla cupcake recipe from her cookbook on their website.

Another great flour to have on hand is the Superfine Brown Rice Flour. Brown rice flour from other brands I have tried are too coarsely milled which gives baked goods a grainy consistency totally unlike traditional baked goods. I prefer to use Authentic Foods flour whenever I can to avoid this grainy texture found in other brands sold in supermarkets. The brown rice flour is more nutritious than white flour and if you buy it from Authentic Foods it is just as tasty as any white rice flour.

If you are trying to use more nutritious gluten-free flours, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa and millet flour all have more nutritious profiles than rice flour. But, they are tricky to use because they each have unique taste. Once you are familiar with the flour it is easy to figure out which one can be used in which recipe. I find that buckwheat, which is a darker flour, tends to work well in brownies or items which are naturally darker in color. Quinoa works well in baked goods if you use brown sugar instead of white sugar or in savory dishes where the pronounced flavor is appreciated. Here is a link to flour nutrition facts which shows how the different flours compare to each other.

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Dayhomemama said...

Have you ever tried coconut flour, it has 39g of fibre in a 100g! It is tricky to work with because it does absorb a lot of liquid; 1/4 cup is like a cup of many other flours, but it's great because it is also gluten free. Thanks for all the wonderful info too, I love your blog!

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Libby said...

Hi there. I have just found your blog and am looking forward to trawling through your recipes. Thanks for the hints about the different flours - I haven't tried many of them yet but now I will feel more confident.

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