Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Reason to Avoid Fruit Juice..High Lead Levels

I received an email from Thoughtful House saying:

"The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) has filed a Notice of Violation alleging that testing has shown that lead, a toxic chemical, was found in a variety of juices and baby foods.
This notice has been filed for exposing consumers of certain brands of apple juice, grape juice, packaged peaches, packaged pears, and fruit cocktail to lead."

Twenty four brands of apple juice had one or more samples exceeding the limit of 0.5 micrograms of lead per serving including: Beech Nut 100% Apple Juice, Earth's Best Organics Apple Juice and Mott's 100% Apple Juice. Only ten brands did not exceed the limit including: Tree Top 100% Apple Juice and Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice 100% pure from US grown fresh apples. If you take a look at the link below you can see information on apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears, packaged peaches and fruit cocktail.

For a complete list of companies and products under the Notice of Violation, please visit:

For more information and to access the Notice of Violation, please visit: