Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gluten Free Hamburger "Buns" for Burgers

Cutting out burger shapes from gluten free toast is often easier than finding gluten free hamburger buns. I love the way the hamburger on toast rounds looks on the plate. Usually I have gluten free bread around, but it is harder to find gluten free hamburger buns. When I asked my son if he wanted lettuce on his burger, he said "Is it shredded?" So now I am serving shredded lettuce with everything.

Making the toast rounds is really simple if you have a round biscuit cutter. I bought a set of biscuit cutters from William Sonoma but they sell a set of stainless steel round cookie cutters on that also work well. If you don't have round cutters, you can invert a small bowl over the toast and use a sharp knife to follow the edge of the bowl. It will take a little longer without round cutters, but it will still work. And for me it is far easier than finding gluten free hamburger buns.

If anyone has any suggestions for tasty gluten free hamburger and hotdog buns, I would love if they left a comment.


Katie said...
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Katie said...

I tried buyin hamburger buns in the freezer section - totally gross! Today preschool was having rolls with lunch, so I made heart shaped bread for her using sandwich bread and cookie cutter.

That looks yummy (can you tell I am a little hungry!)

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busy lizzie said...

do you make your own bread, or is it bought bread? Just brand new to all this, and trying to pick up a thousand tips a day!!! thanks for such a great blog with tons of great recipes. Very much appreciated from this celiac who feels as though Im walking through a minefield .... blindfolded!!!! :0

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So Good Gluten Free Foods said...

I run a business in California called "So Good Gluten Free Foods" and I make and sell DELICIOUS gf hamburger buns!

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bed frame said...

That looks yummy! Thanks for such a great blog with tons of great recipes.

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Anonymous said...

I use a baking tray that's supposed to be for eclairs for little bread rolls or a tray supposed to be for breadstick pizza if I want a longer baguette style.

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