Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Library Routine and Cooking

Every Friday we go to the library to take out and return books and videos. In the past, before we had a designated day for the library, I would forget to return books and end up with overdue fees. But now that we make a weekly trip to the library it is very easy to remember to bring back and return books because I know that they are due Friday. I have a library bag where all the books go and everyone knows where to find and return the books so we aren't looking everywhere come Friday afternoon. It all seems very uncomplicated as part of a routine. But I remember the days when it wasn't a routine. I would take books out one day and weeks would go by and was it last week or the week before I had taken the books out? Were they do on Monday or Tuesday. It was impossible.

Cooking is similar to the library. If you make a routine and do things on a weekly basis things get easier. If you never cook and then you decide to cook everyday it will feel like an impossible task. Instead work it into your routine--pick one day a week to make a healthy homemade meal. Once you get used to cooking once a week, twice a week will seem do able.