Sunday, June 6, 2010

Popping Popcorn--A Naturally Gluten Free Snack

Kids love popping popcorn and it is a super simple way everyone can enjoy a gluten free snack together. An air popper is a great investment in future healthy snacking. We have a Presto Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Corn Popper, which makes a large bowl of popcorn in 2.5 minutes. A popcorn maker with some organic popcorn makes a wonderful gift for someone who doesn't have one.

If you buy organic popcorn you can easily have an organic snack on hand for a minimal investment. You can even bag up the leftover popcorn to pack for snacks on the go. (We usually don't have leftovers because one batch is the perfect size for movie night.) Although companies want to sell you microwave popcorn, it is much healthier and cheaper to pop it the old fashioned way or use an air popper. And the ritual of actually popping popcorn is super fun for kids. The truth is, using an air popper is really just as easy as the microwave. And there is no cleanup, which is nice. Or you can try a pan with oil if you really want to do it the old fashioned way...


3 tablespoons oil of choice
1/3 cup organic popcorn
large covered pan or pot
butter or olive oil

1. Heat oil in pan over medium heat. (You can also add salt and seasoning to the oil if you want the popcorn preseasoned.)
2. Place three or four kernels of corn in the oil and cover.
3. When the kernels have popped, add the remaining 1/3 cup of kernels, cover and remove from heat for 30 second so all the kernels can heat up. This insures that when you return the pan to the heat that the kernels will pop evenly.
4. Return the pan to the heat and the popcorn should begin popping immediately. As soon as it starts popping, shake the pan moving it back and forth over the burner until the popping sounds start to slow down. Pour popcorn into bowl as popping slows down.
5. Salt to taste. Butter can be melted in pan at this point.

Enjoy and marvel at how delicious old fashioned popcorn tastes.

Some kids are sensitive to corn and do better without corn. But air popped organic popcorn is a great way to test whether kids are sensitive to corn. If they are okay with air popped organic corn, then it might be other ingredients or the GMO corn that they are reacting to.