Friday, July 2, 2010

Gluten Free in Sag Harbor at the New Paradise Cafe

This venue is now CLOSED.

We went to New Paradise Cafe in Sag Harbor for dinner. I didn't know what they would have that was gluten free but it is pretty easy these days to find something simple that doesn't have gluten. What a treat to be told by the waiter, when I inquired, that they had gluten free pasta.

It was amazing to be served a piping hot plate of gluten free corn fusilli from Italy in a rich, creamy bolognese sauce at a restaurant. We have pasta at home, but my kids like it plain so I don't often serve myself such an elaborate pasta dish. And getting gluten free pasta in a restaurant normally requires going to a gluten free restaurant. So, to stumble upon gluten free pasta at a restaurant without a gluten free menu felt like a huge score. While I love the easiness of a gluten free menu, my experience at the New Paradise Cafe made me realize that I don't even need an entire gluten free menu! What I need is a gluten free entree and a salad. End of story. I am not picky--I just need the food that I am served to be gluten free. So the fact that they had gluten free corn pasta was huge. I'm sure I could have inquired what else on the menu could have been prepared gluten free, but how could I not get the gluten free pasta?

They told me that they have the pasta on hand and if you call ahead they can make it. It was just my lucky day, I guess. If you are in Sag Harbor and looking for some gluten free food, call ahead or stop by the:

New Paradise Cafe
126 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963