Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zzz Glasses Help Melatonin Production and Sleep

On vacation in Sea Island, Georgia, I had the opportunity to speak to Jeffrey Rose, of ahcenter.com. Jeffrey Rose is a clinical hypnotist and nutritionist with extensive knowledge about a variety of health issues. He has written about sleep, sugar and caffeine in the magazine Recover. When we got on the subject of sleep, he told me about Zzz Glazzes made by lowbluelights.com which block the blue component of light from computer and TV screens. Blue light interferes with the bodies production of melatonin, the hormone which makes one drowsy. I have known generally that computer and tv usage before bed make it difficult to fall asleep and I have been aware that the blue light is a factor in this. But my excitement about the subject is completely about these glasses which offer a solution. Although you can take melatonin as a supplement, Jeffrey recommends that any person with difficulty falling asleep should try these glasses first.

Ideally, you should avoid using the computer and TV for an hour and a half before you want to go to sleep. If that is impossible, then the Zzz glasses can help offset the impact of the light and allow you go to sleep after being exposed to light. They also have yellow colored light bulbs which block the blue light. Jeffrey says the solution to this problem can even be relatively inexpensive--turn down the lights! Sleep and the disruption of the circadian cycle may be a factor in everything from postpartum depression to cancer to obesity.

Adults need to get seven and a half hours of sleep per night. Kids ages 5 to 12 need 9-11 hours of sleep. Of course, everyone is different and you can tell you have gotten enough sleep if you wake up naturally without an alarm clock.

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Kari said...

Both of our sons have melatonin production issues (not an uncommon issue with Autism at all). They take supplements to help them sleep (or they are up until midnight unable to sleep). We have learned a lot over this past 29 months about sleep, a LOT. What I have learned has translated into better sleep for my husband and me as well. So many people, when they can't sleep (wake up in the middle of the night) roll over, turn on the light, and grab a book or they turn on the TV to let it help them be lulled into sleep. But this is the EXACT thing to not do because that light inhibits melatonin production. So they actually end up staying awake longer. It's amazing how well our world and body works together. God made it dark at night and made our body's hormone system for sleep kick in with the darkening of the skies.

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