Friday, September 24, 2010

Gluten Free at Cosco in NYC

One of the things I love about my New York life is the small town feel I have when shopping. I know the butcher at Holland Court Meat Market and John, who owns Food Liberation, as well as Mary who does the food ordering at East Side Health Food. Without large food stores, the Upper East Side has an old fashioned European feel when you are food shopping. Still, I was pretty excited that Cosco and Target have opened a store on 116th Street--making organic, bulk food much more affordable and convenient for people who live on the Upper East Side. The truth is, as fun as it is to go to several different stores to hunt down this and that gluten free item, it's a ton of work and quite inefficient--as well as expensive. It's nice to have some more options.

There are a number of of gluten free and organic options to be found at the Cosco. I purchased organic lettuce, organic apples, organic agave, a twelve pound bag of organic short grain brown rice, avocados, eggs and splurged on some andouille sausage which were labeled gluten free. Cosco was also serving free samples of cashew brittle that was labeled gluten free --but I guessed my kids wouldn't eat it.

When I returned home to find out I needed sugar, I was very sorry that I passed up the enormous bag of organic sugar that seemed to big to purchase when I was shopping. Friends tell me that the they organic roaster chickens that are 2 or 3 in a pack are not bad, either. I was a little disappointed they didn't have any organic turkey, since it is a staple of my cat's diet, but all in all I was pretty happy with my purchases. And it's nice to know that people who live in the middle of nowhere who don't have access to or can't afford health food stores like Whole Foods can have access to some organic produce and products.

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about Cosco's arrival. But, if you go there and shop carefully, there are some products that are good. My Dad, who loves Cosco, will be very happy to know that it is only a ten minute drive from my apartment. But, if you do shop at Cosco, it's best to stay away from the processed food. See my post on Goldfish, Allergies and Reading Labels for more information of the processed food you should not buy at Cosco. If you are tempted to buy this bulk, processed food you really shouldn't go to Cosco.

517 E 117th St
(at Pleasant Ave)
New York, NY 10035
Neighborhood: East Harlem
(212) 896-5873


Anonymous said...

So true! It's hard (unless you are GF and have no choice) to pass up 10 lb boxes of individual size junk food. Just like shopping in the supermarket best to stick to the Fruit and Vegetable, Meat & Fish departments and skip the processed packaged goods. Even if it's marked with "Vitamin enriched, low fat" or any other marketing gimmick, it's still junk.

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