Sunday, October 3, 2010

Join us at The Colin Leslie Walk for Celiac Disease in Rye, New York

I am headed to the Colin Leslie Walk for Celiac Disease this morning in Rye, New York at the high school. It is a fun, family friendly event full with a gluten free vendor sale and gluten free picnic lunch that you can purchase as well as family screening for celiac disease. I have met some of my best friends through the Celiac Disease Center of Columbia events. And we have wonderful family memories of our gluten free lunch under the tents. As a gluten free family, often at typical events we have to bring or own food or check carefully that everything is safe, so it is so nice that we can all just enjoy a lunch with friends who are also gluten free. Please join us for this annual fundraiser for the Celiac Center. The event starts at 9 am, but it really goes all day and there are speakers on celiac at 11 am--usually Dr. Green, a pediatrician who specializes in celiac disease and a nutritionist speak.

Of course, there will be GLOW GLUTEN FREE COOKIES to sample and buy--which is probably where you can find me if you end up coming. The gluten free vendor fair is where I met Jill, who makes the cookies and was launching her business, so we celebrate the anniversary of where we met by returning to the walk to celebrate a friendship that we would have never had, if not for the Colin Leslie Walk and the Celiac Disease Center of Columbia.


Erin S. said...

Sorry I missed you at the walk yesterday. Hope to see you at another gluten-free NYC event soon!

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