Sunday, December 12, 2010

I WON: Homemade Cookies from Only Sometimes Clever!

Our GF Family received this letter yesterday from Only Sometimes Clever. Love that someone else is checking the ingredients instead of me. Thanks so much Only Sometimes Clever! Also, I am really looking forward to trying her Big Batch Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies (GFCF) recipe for holiday parties at my children's school. All the cookies she is sending are based on the sugar cookie recipe. Here is the letter I received...

GFCF Mom, you're the winner of four dozen of my cookies. :) I'll e-mail you separately... I'll need your address!

And... my hubby ate all of the cranberry almond cookies -- well, that, and I forgot that I was the snack person at my small group, so between that event, and my hubby's penchant for that particular variety, they're all gone. :) So, it looks like it will be chocolate-drizzled candy cane cookies, triple-lemon stars, chocolate-vanilla pinwheels, and chocolate-filled sandwich cookies.

Everything, by the way, is all natural (and GFCF), except for the candy canes used in the cookies. I looked at thee different stores for all-natural candy canes, but no one had any! But, they're Spangler, and there's a note on the box saying that they use dedicated equipment, and the canes are free of cross contamination from gluten and dairy, among other things.

Let me know if you have any other dietary concerns or restrictions, and I'll try to accommodate you. :)

P.S. It was your Facebook posting(s) that won it for you. My 11yo son is the one who pulled your name from the very low-tech slips of paper I'd written up. :)