Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Natural Food Dyes

For years, I thought that India Tree was a line of decorating products that used only natural coloring. Then, reading the labels of the bright and festive colored sugars, I realized many of the India Tree products actually contain artificial dyes! I assumed if I went with the brand which made natural coloring that all their products would be safe. But just like with goldfish and chips, often one brand can have products that are more healthy and products that are less healthy. India Tree's "Nature's Colors" line is the line with sugars which contain vegetable based dyes. My cabinet is full of sugars by India Tree that contain dyes. I would like to move onto the India Tree products that are more natural--or probably another brand which I think is more committed to making products without artificial dyes. Reading the label closely to find out which of there products contain artificial coloring is a must when trying to find food coloring that is free of artificial dye.

Here are links to the India Tree Nature's Colors line which contain vegetable based colorants...
India Tree Natural Decorating Colors
India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugars-Spring Green
India Tree Nature's Colors Decorating Sugar-Periwinkle Blue
India Tree Nature's Colors Raspberry Red Decorating Sugar
India Tree Bright White Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Chocolate Vermicelli

Here are links to Nature Flavors Food Color:
Organic Black (Red) Current Food Color (Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan)
Organic Caramel Natural Food Color (Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan)
Organic Food Colors by Nature's Flavors has may All-Natural Vegan, Gluten Free Products:
Food Coloring (All Natural) Gluten Free

ShopBakersNook also carries ChefMaster natural food coloring
Natural Food Coloring

Here are links to the products by India Tree that contain artificial dye.
India Tree Hot Pink Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Holiday Red Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Electric Blue Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Confetti Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Emerald City Green Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Star Gold Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Ultra Violet Sparkling Sugar
India Tree Sparkling Sugar - Popsicle Orange

The ingredients listed on Amazon for this product don't list dye but these colorful cookie decorating balls also must contain dye...
Party Decoratifs Seurat

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Vittle me this... said...

thanks for the tip!

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Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Great tip! We are GFCFSF and dye free as well.

I would love if you could help spread the word about dye-free baking and such.

Please link up here Creative Juice Thursdays:

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Marcia said...

Many products are this way and it is easy to assume that if one of a company's brands is artificial dyes, flavor free that all of them are. Not so in a big way! I belong to a support organization that researches the products. Reading labels is not enough so the Feingold Association has each company fill out a form where they have to go over each ingredient. If they comply by the org. standard, it's membership is notified that it is okay to use. You can read more at

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