Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miracle Noodles--Gluten Free Soy Free Shirataki Pasta

I subscribe to the Nourishing Traditions school of eating and so I really don't like new fangled products. I prefer what I call "back to the 18th century" eating--if your grandmother wouldn't have recognized it as being food--don't eat it. But, a friend who has celiac was so excited about these soy free shirataki noodles and gave me three packages to try last week and I was actually impressed by these zero calorie gluten free Miracle Noodles.

I used half of the noodles to make pad thai and half I tried with Rao's pasta sauce--which is how my friend likes to eat them. I was instructed to soak them for five minutes in cold water, strain them and then dry them on a bunch of paper towels before putting them in the Rao's sauce to soak for a few hours to infuse the noodles with the flavor of the sauce. They were actually pretty good for zero calorie noodles that are mostly fiber.

You can't really expect no calorie noodles to taste like pasta--for me they were filling and satisfying accompaniment to a yummy pasta sauce. And they were pretty good in the pad thai with a bunch of flavorful veggies.

I would recommend to anyone who is diabetic and needs to avoid the glycemic oveload of pasta or for anyone on a gluten free diet who would like to avoid the high calories of rice pasta which feeds yeast overgrowth. These noodles, while satisfying, would probably be better for an adult on a diet than for kids, although some kids might like them I just wouldn't ever feed a zero calorie pasta to a child who is growing.

My recommending these noodles is a HUGE compliment to Miracle Noodles, since I usually I won't go near anything that is low or no calorie.

I would actually order and eat these noodles once or twice a week when my kids had pasta--not to avoid the calories of pasta but I have noticed I feel better when I avoid carbs and health wise less carbs from sugar and more fiber is definitely better for my health. The research on these noodles is actually pretty good. Although my grandmother wouldn't recognize the ingredients--Konnyaku and Calcium Hydroxide--they have been used in food preparations in other parts of the world with success and might be recognized by grandmothers from other parts of the world involved with food preparation of asian noodles and in making corn tortillas.


Dayhomemama said...

I love these noodles, I buy them at the Asian store, they are not very expensive per serving and they have helped me in my journey to eat almost gluten free, working on all gluten free. They are sometimes called Konjack noodles too, great for Asian stir fries, or with pasta sauce!

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laurelbostan said...

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Marianne @ MealMixer said...

I can't wrap my head around this! It's like benefiber in a different form factor. But, I understand that sometimes you just need a noodle.

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