Thursday, December 8, 2011

Katz Gluten Free Pies for the Holidays!!!

I won three gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free kosher pies from a Katz gluten free contest several weeks ago. My kids were thrilled when the assortment of pies arrived on ice directly from Katz. My son and daughter were screaming "blueberry? apple? or cherry???" to their friends to find out which one they wanted to try. My gfcfsf son had NEVER actually seen or tasted a ready made pie that he could eat so everyone was super excited. I make pies a few times a year but it always seems like a lot of work even for me--and I cook all the time.

What fun to try some ready-made gluten-free pies. The pies are a small size but you can easily serve six or four slices. THEY WERE DELICIOUS. So I immediately called Katz to order some for a gluten-free holiday party for a non-profit I was cooking for. (Thank you Katz for the wonderful pies you donated!!!) Several people at the holiday party tried all three and declared the blueberry to be the best. My kids liked the apple pie because they mostly like the crust and the apple pie seems to have less filling and more crust. My kids actually preferred the more natural tasting apple pie--the apple pie is sweetened with sugar while the cherry and blueberry filling both have high fructose corn syrup. Although not my first choice of sweeteners I think the regular pie filling in the cherry and blueberry is what makes them taste like pie you would get in a diner. This is a flavor and taste that you just don't get when you are gluten free. By far, the best part about these gluten-free pies is they taste like pie and there is nothing gluten free about them. We don't use and I don't recommend high fructose corn syrup but Katz gluten-free pies are the only gluten-free pies in town so I am just grateful they taste as good as they do. I would stick to the sweetened with sugar apple pie all year long but for holidays nice to have a fun treat!

Although I like to cook and LOVE to bake, it was stressful to bake both a pumpkin and apple pie over Thanksgiving after packing for the trip and driving 6 hours to family so Katz gluten-free pies couldn't have arrived at a more perfect moment. After trying these pies, I will definitely have Katz gluten-free pies on hand over the holidays from now on. This will leave me more time to focus on my family and all the other gluten-free cooking I need to do.

I was also impressed how the quality of Katz gluten free pastries has improved. Ordering directly from the manufacturer is a great way to make sure the products are freshly made. I would order two blueberry and two apple for any holiday--unless you are craving a hostess fruit pie in which case throw in a cherry!

Katz has free shipping on orders over $30! Visit Katz Gluten Free for more information on their perfect blueberry, cherry and apple pies.


misty said...

great to know! i recently saw their chocolate rugalech at my local grocery and got it for my gfcf daughter's 5th birthday breakfast. we all loved it. i haven't seen their pies yet but will keep an eye out!

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JB said...

I sent your link to my sister, her daughter is gluten intolerant. Thanks!

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Chris said...

Just found their pizza crusts today.I might try them after your positive review.

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