Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a Difference: Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue

Jenny McCarthy, actress, author of Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism and president of Generation Rescue, is an amazing person who has shown the world that kids can get better from autism through biomedical interventions. By speaking up on national TV about her own success healing her son through diet and biomedical intervention--and then joining Generation Rescue--she has helped so many families who have children affected by autism.

"You don't get cured when you get hit by a bus--but you can recover" she has said again and again about the treatments that have helped so many children be healthier and get better from autism.

I spoke with Jenny at the Mandarin Oriental over a cup of chamomile tea about the work Generation Rescue is doing right now. Most impressive is the 1-877-98AUTISM HOTLINE that Generation Rescue runs which is a resource and referral service for families in need to call and get help. Generation Rescue also partners with AutismOne for the largest U.S. autism conference. In Generation Rescue's second year of co-hosting the conference was FREE to all attendees for the first time in it's nine year history.

My first impression of Jenny is that she is both stunning and smart. My second impression is that she is unstoppable and determined to make a difference in the lives of families who have been affected by autism.

We spoke of the cutting edge research that is being done now on the causes of autism as well as the many treatment options available now. I also pressed her about juicing and how she had gotten fresh green juice to be a part of her son's diet. I was thrilled to hear firsthand all the success Generation Rescue has had helping so many families through their Rescue Angels program, Rescue Family Grants, AutismOne conference and 1-877-98AUTISM HOTLINE and website.

Congratulations Jenny and Generation Rescue for all that you are doing to help families.


Mommy Provost said...

We love Generation Rescue and all of their efforts! Thank-you for this post.
Mommy Provost

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