Sunday, January 8, 2012

BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Dairy Free Pizza at G-Free NYC

Today at G-Free NYC they were sampling Bold Organics Great Tasting Gluten-Free and Dairy Free Pizzas. The crust and flavor of the pizzas made them a big hit. After sampling the different pizzas, we purchased a vegan cheese pizza--a slightly spicy, delicious treat for adults or adventurous kids. Bold Organics Pizzas are made with Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative--which contains soy.* But they are made without gluten, milk, lactose, casein, whey, eggs and peanuts so a lot of people will enjoy this delicious new pizza. It is definitely more flavorful and satisfying than Amy's gluten free pizza--and because it is dairy free, the people who are gfcf will be able to enjoy it.

Lynn, the owner of G-Free and I were speaking about the fact that so many people who have celiac also avoid dairy. From the people we have spoken with, about half the people we know who are gluten free are also dairy free. In our gluten free family of four, this is exactly the case--two of us are gluten free and dairy free and two others are gluten free and can tolerate dairy. Well, the two of us who are gluten free and dairy free were super excited to try the BOLD Organics Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Pizza Party.

Congratulations to Chef Eric and Aaron who really packed in the flavor to this organic product. I can't wait to fire up the vegan cheese pizza--and I am mad at myself for not purchasing a deluxe pizza! I was so busy thinking about what the kids would like I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the deluxe pizza with uncured pepperoni, Italian sausage, organic roasted red peppers, organic roasted yellow onions and shiitake mushrooms.

Thanks to G-Free for hosting the pizza party--and to BOLD Organics Pizza for the delicious pizza!

Visit G-Free NYC to purchase a Bold Organics pizza or stop by on Sunday for "Sample Sunday" where they feature a favorite product with samples and product information. Bold Organics JUST launched this new pizza and are now available nationwide starting January 1, 2012. To find out where you can buy them near you visit their Where to Buy Bold Organics Pizza page.

*We don't eat a ton of soy because we were told early on by a NYU neurologist that the soy molecule was similar to the gluten molecule. (I haven't confirmed that but it definitely helped to go light on soy in the beginning.) Now that everyone is 100% better it's no longer off limits. For people who are avoiding soy--you can try Solterra Foods Pizza which is soy free made with daiya cheese. Maybe BOLD Organics can also carry a soy free pizza in the future. But right now they are launching with four great new pizzas. Can't think they can do anymore right now but expecting big things in the future so thought I would put in a request early.


Mark r said...

Can't wait to try it. Is it coming to Connecticut or do I have to go to NYC :)

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