Monday, January 30, 2012

Dinner 7: Hamburgers with Crispy Potatoes and Vegetables

Although I serve red meat once a week, we buy 100% grass fed beef locally raised beef from Whole Foods--and, I serve it with a lot of vegetables to make it a healthy meal. This week I had raw zucchini, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and crispy baked potatoes.

I love pulling every vegetable I can find out of the fridge and having a colorful assortment on the table for everyone to eat. Even if they don't eat their vegetables, they know what a healthy meal looks like. It took a while, but my kids do eat their veggies now. Sometimes I have to insist. But it's easier if there are a bunch of choices and an overwhelming abundance--not just one lonely carrot on their plate.


Lara said...

ok. I made this last night. My kids loved it all. But the potatoes were seriously stuck to pan. we don't use nonstick and I did oil the pan first. How did you get yours so perfect? btw? Love the idea to put veggies out always. Thank you!

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Sonn57 said...

My 3 year old son has Celiac Disease. Your pictures don't show any buns. I really haven't found any decent gluten free buns. Have you found any or do you always go without the bun?

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The Healthy Apple said...

This dinner looks beautiful! I just wanted you to know that I love you and your family and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow for a full day of cooking!

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