Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I DIDN'T Make For Dinner 1: BURGER GARAGE

On Friday nights we LOVE getting take out from Burger Garage in Long Island City, Queens. Here is a picture of the gluten free burger and fries with B.G. chipotle sauce on the side that I ordered. Burger Garage also serves gluten free hot dogs with buns as well as a gluten free/dairy free chocolate covered rice crispy treat. Call in advance to check if they have the rice crispy treats because they often run out.

Eating at Burger Garage is quite a treat because Manhattan is so crowded. The 50's style diner is quite a spacious place to go with kids. In the picture below you can see my kids running around a little while we waited for our order. Running around while you wait for your food just doesn't happen in Manhattan!!!

Astoria is right over the bridge so this "off the beaten track" burger place is actually just 10 minutes outside of the city right over the 59th Street bridge. And for now, it's kind of undiscovered!

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