Monday, April 30, 2012

Cafe 82: A Gluten Free Coffee Shop in NYC

Cafe 82 on the Upper West Side at Broadway and 82nd Street has gluten-free, dairy-free options for everyone. It is a diner/coffee shop that is a real find now that Peter's Diner has closed. I love Cafe 82's spaghetti bolognese made with organic gluten-free corn pasta. The rich meaty sauce is incredibly satisfying and fresh tasting. On the weekends for brunch, we love the english muffins with marmalade, bacon and eggs, french fries and jello.

Cafe 82 used to host the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group's Italian night so they have been well trained in what is gluten free. Unlike many restaurants, they seem to really understand what it takes to safely serve gluten free customers--and they offer an extensive gluten free menu with many dairy free options. They even have gluten free desserts! Jello and baked apple are gluten free and dairy free.

The restaurant is a busy coffee shop with carpeted walls and yellow marbelized, retro tabletops and plastic booths. It is not fancy at all--but if you are looking for a diner with good gluten free food--it is an excellent choice. The servers are all knowledgeable and informed about gluten free food making this a place I would return to again and again. I REALLY should try something else besides the spaghetti bolognese--but I enjoy it so much it is hard to order anything else.