Saturday, May 12, 2012

Izzi B's Allergen Free Cupcakes

We were totally celebrating that we could have the gluten free allergen-free treats by Izzi B's at the Celiac Disease Center Spring Party. We LOVED trying their fresh baked which are even better than the frozen. Really, you can't believe how good the fresh baked are. But, I definitely have my favorites--the cinnamon toast crunch and raspberry with golden yellow cake and chocolate with chocolate ganache. I think Izzi B's should go all fresh baked and I am so happy I got to sample them fresh at this event because I NEVER would have known how good they were. The mini cakes are even better than the cupcakes. And everyone liked the sugar cookies. I like them better than Babycakes and they are moister than Tulu's. But you need to take care to choose the right flavor as some are definitely tastier than others. Hopefully G-Free NYC or Food Liberation will carry them fresh baked soon!

Here are the pros and cons of Izzi B's
PROS: Allergy friendly! We love that we could eat all the flavors and they take such care to make them healthy by not using food dye, preservatives and additives. Frostings are delicious and creamy and flavorful. They don't have the glue texture of most vegan baked goods. Seasonal ones are my FAVORITE in fact I think they should reevaluate and swap seasonals (cinnamon French toast with maple frosting) in their four pack--with chocolate and raspberry.

CONS: Cupcakes are a little dry. I have to say I think they are over baked. I would LOVE to try them baked 1-2 minutes less. I did not find this with the mini cakes so I think they could just try cooking a few minutes less. Because they are sold frozen and are prepared without additives/preservatives there should be more instruction about how to serve/store. This info should be on package and given to vendors to give to customers.

 (I have a new policy of including pros and cons of products. In the past, and certainly in the case of Izzi B's I am SOOOO happy they are making such an allergy friendly product wouldn't want to say anything not nice but by request of readers I am now including pros and cons of products.)


Izzi B's Allergen Free Cupcakes said...

Thank you so much for the review! We are working on better thawing instructions on our packaging. In the meantime, fresh baked cupcakes should not be refrigerated & stay moist up to 3 days. Cupcakes bought frozen or shipped frozen should stay frozen until ready to thaw (2-4 hours) for serving. They should not be re frozen. "Everyone deserves a cupcake" and we are proud of our frozen cupcakes that make it possible for all to enjoy that are not close in distance to our bakery.

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The Healthy Apple said...

LOVE this picture! Alex looks adorable; so cute Kir! Great post. xox

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