Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts 2012

Okay, I am officially a better virtual giver than actual giver! Or maybe, I am just a busy mom who needs Mother's Day!Here are some ideas for Mother's Day.

A Coupon for a Day Off. The best gift for any busy mom is, without a doubt, some time off. I love to cook but it is a HUGE treat to get a day off! It doesn't come very often but breakfast in bed and a day without dishes is definitely what I want this Mother's Day. Make your own or print out and decorate Martha Stewart's Mother's Day Coupon Book.

Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone. This is recommended by Silvana Nardone in her book which has a wonderful recipe for pizza. Ritual is so important in our lives. It is hard when you can't go out for pizza but if you can make your own super fun ritual of "pizza night" it makes it okay.

Cooking for Isaiah. Well, if you are buying the pizza stone you must also include this wonderful cookbook by Silvana Nardone which has the best gluten free pizza crust recipe.

Bamboo Sushi Mat with Paddle. You can put together a little gluten free sushi kit for Mom--or even make sushi for her! The bamboo sushi mats are so simple and elegant. I love that they are so simple, compact and inexpensive yet they allow you to make something that is considered such a luxury. I bought our sushi mat ($2.50) and Kokuho Sushi Rice at Katagiri in Manhattan. I tested this Kokuho Sushi Rice to be gluten free using an EZ Gluten Test to be under 5 ppm of gluten. You can add a bottle of gluten free tamari and maybe a cookbook. But the rice and sushi mat are really the main things you need to start making sushi.

Williams-Sonoma Striped Towels. Set of 4. Nothing says "Mother's Day" like some brand new striped towels. Seriously, this particular item is not a recommendation of "what to get your mother"--it is actually what I NEED for Mother's Day. I have had these towels for over 10 years! They are now filled with holes and I need some replacement towels. And if you want something that will last for years to come might be the perfect gift for the mom who is constantly drying dishes.

Single Chain Necklace from Wonder. C Wonder is my FAVORITE new store. And this is my favorite new necklace. It is simple and makes a statement without being too heavy.

Sunburst Bracelet. It is actually easier to buy a bracelet than a necklace for someone else. A bracelet is less of a commitment but still shiny, new and fun. This one sparkles and has Mother's Day written all over it.

Triple Drop Stone Linear Earrings. These are super fun for the mom who is fun and creative.

Ikat Cloth Napkins. Nothing is prettier than a perfectly set table waiting for the family. Buy two sets so you have enough for guests.

Hotel Dinner Napkins. Set of 12. White hotel napkins are a wonderful way to make any table special.

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My mom's old bottom of the line mixer was working fine and she didn't see the need for another. She would never, ever, ever have considered buying something better, even though she loves to bake and enter stuff in the local fair. So the Christmas Gifts of a KA mixer made her so excited and happy. Didn't need it, but loved it.

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