Friday, June 15, 2012

Q&A: About SPEAK SpeechNutrients

Q: I saw your post about trying the SPEAK SpeechNutrients, I came across your site while searching reviews on it before buying. I didn’t see anything further past 3/18/2010 about it. Did you try it and if so did you think it was better than fish oil? I currently have my son taking Nordic Naturals. Also, someone posted something in the comments about it causing seizures but it’s not a valid link, is that really true?

A: SPEAK SpeechNutrients has helped a lot of children and is a good supplement for some. Unfortunately, we did not see positive benefits from SPEAK. My son was over agitated on it and did better on regular fish oil. I can only think that he did not need the high levels of vitamin E and vitamin K. Vitamin E can be stimulating in this way for some but for others it is remarkably effective. We have had great success with Nordic Naturals products. Currently, my 11 year old and I take Nordic Naturals EPA Xtra. I take 3 capsules and my 11 year old takes 1 capsule. My 6 year old takes 2 strawberry DHA capsules which are not the child's size but smaller than the EPA Extra.

I think it is worth trying the SPEAK. But, it is good to be working with a nutritionist or doctor who can oversee treatment if possible. Vitamins in high dosages can act very much like drugs and you need to monitor carefully to make sure you see benefits. A good practitioner can help you with dosages and oversee treatment. Or, if you decide to go ahead and try it on your own just watch to monitor reaction to make sure that your child is benefiting from SPEAK.

As far as seizures, there is some information on the SPEAK website about seizures here. While fish oil is something that can be started on your own following the dosages on the bottle--SPEAK is a product that you might want to consult your pediatrician or health care provider about--especially if you are concerned about it triggering seizures. While fish oil is a whole food product, SPEAK is formulated and contains high dosages of vitamin E and K. Because it is not a whole food product it is trickier to use on your own without guidance. Again, if you do try this product on your own monitor progress carefully. Also, you can call the company and get guidance. Many companies that make supplements offer great phone support that is very useful. The company can advise you about dosages and how to increase it and what to watch for when you begin.