Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Please Vote for Me Once Daily Today and Tomorrow!

October 17@10:41

Thank you to everyone who voted but looks like I won't make the list as I need about 286 additional votes to get to the top 25! Not that it is impossible--but probably not worth everyone's time--especially since there are so many great blogs in the top 25. Instead of voting for me spend the time checking (and voting for) Allergy Free Alaska who has the most votes and is well deserving of her place at the top of the list. Her "Whole Food Fridays' is a very inspiring virtual get together I hope to join and be inspired by. Congratulations in advance for her hard work and great blog.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in my efforts to get on the top 25 list!

October 16 @10:51 am...

PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BLOG-->CLICK HERE (and then click the thumbs up button until it says Voted and turns gray.)

Voting ends at 7 pm EST tomorrow so you can vote today and 24 hours later. It takes 5 seconds to show your support! 

So I am #53 on the list (of 103 blogs)!  I have 104 votes but I need 276 votes to get on the top 25 list. It's almost impossible but I thought I would give another request for a daily vote today and tomorrow. If everyone who visited/was helped by my blog voted it would be possible. The truth is, I started participating in this contest several weeks after the other bloggers but I am still hopeful as I have spent a lot more time helping parents than promoting my blog so it's just once a year I ask for help. And, if you know me then you know that I never give up--even when it looks impossible I still continue. So, I am continuing to ask for your vote.

To see the entire list of 103 food allergy mom blogs go to Top 25 Food Allergy Mom - 2012. Who knew there were so many food allergy mom blogs???
Thanks so much for your support!

Once a year I ask for this help--then I will return to helping parents and anyone who needs help--which is what I really enjoy.


Megan @ Allergy Free Alaska said...

Oh my goodness! I just saw this. You are too kind and I am so honored that you asked others to vote for me. Thank you so much!

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