Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ultra Epsom Salt from Saltworks offers Free Shipping

Saltworks sells Ultra Epsom Salt in 5 pound bags for $6.50 and they are offering free shipping until December 31, 2012. I just ordered 20 pounds of Epsom Salt for $26.00 and got free delivery!!! Using epsom salts in a bath is an old fashioned, easy and non invasive way to increase magnesium levels and support detoxification. Epsom salt is made from magnesium sulfate and it has been used traditionally in bath salts for it's detoxifying and calming properties. The magnesium in the epsom salt is calming and the sulfate component is what supports detoxification.

Also, my kids love to play with the epsom salt in the bath. They make fun concoctions using soap, epsom salt and baking soda. All the fun ends up in the bath water--but it's good, clean fun.

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