Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ORGANIC Gluten Free Chocolate Chips by Shiloh Farms

These ORGANIC gluten-free, dairy-free dark chocolate chips from Shiloh Farm are AMAZING. I took a snack sized bag to Gotham Comedy Club--which is a little third grade of me. But, I did have the very distinct feeling "I can go anywhere now and not feel deprived."

Not only are these chocolate chips gluten free--they are also made in a dedicated gluten free factory. I'm actually quite impressed that Shiloh Farms figured out that the gluten free consumer wants things from a dedicated factory. For years, I have been reading the back of their organic nuts, seeds and grains about how they are "processed on equipment that also processes wheat and dairy" and I've wondered what that exactly meant. So, how thrilling to have my "go anywhere" snack bag of delicious chocolate chips that is not only gluten and dairy free--it's actually labelled "Organic Allergen Free." 

The best part, though, is actually the chocolate.

Of course, with all reviews:

PROS: Organic, allergen free, DELICIOUS dark and satisfying chocolate chips "packed in a dedicated gluten free facility". (Great, energizing snack when you need to blog--It is 12:54 am.)

CONS: Eaten late at night, they might keep you up blogging and getting stuff done--which is bad or good depending on how you spin it. Also, packed in a facility that handles nuts and soy--which is worth mentioning for those with additional allergies. Can not find this product on the web. (I bought them from Food Liberation in NYC.)