Friday, March 15, 2013

The City Sparkles

The city sparkles at night. I am usually doing dishes...or putting them away. Tonight I made Irish Soda Bread and Lemon Cornmeal Scones for a second grade St. Patrick's Day celebration. It is 12:26 am--way past my 10:30 bedtime. Unfortunately, my oven temperature was completely off and my dishwasher had no power and a puddle of stagnant water in the bottom which made baking and cleaning up slightly challenging. I did remember that Rebecca Reilly, who teaches a gluten free bread baking class at the Natural Gourmet said that bread had to bake to an internal temperature of 200 degrees. That was a big help since my 375 degree oven was 425 at one point and 300 a few minutes later. It is nice to be done. Ready for tomorrow. Ready for the the dishwasher repairman to come.