Tuesday, May 7, 2013

52 Week Challenge from Feed Me Dearly

The 52 week challenge was created Jessica who writes the inspiring blog Feed Me Dearly. Jessica created the challenge as a way to get her kids to try new foods. Each week, you try to eat a new food that you have never tried before. Even if you aren't a kid, the 52 week challenge is a great way to incorporate more variety into your diet. I am one of those people who eat the same thing day after day. I like the predictability of having one thing over and over again. But, it's also really fun to eat a wide variety of food.  Even if your kids don't want to try the new food, you can be a model for them so they can vicariously learn that trying new foods can be fun and exciting. Let me say that again--even if your kids don't want to try the new food, you can be a model for them so that they can see you trying and enjoying new foods.

By making the novelty of a new food central to the challenge, it takes away the fear of new food. Trying something new becomes a fun weekly game instead of a chore.

Spring is also a great time to try new foods because of the abundance of fresh produce at the farmer's market. For our first week of the challenge, we found micro-greens and edible flowers at the Union Square Farmer's Market. We tried:
  • Yu Choi, the small yellow flowers (above) which are a type of Chinese greens called "choy sum" which means flowering stem
  • Tatsoi
  • Claytonia

My son tried one tiny bite of the greens and then grabbed a handful of greens (to go with his potato chips.) His hands were a little dirty--but I got a nice picture. I put the greens on a plate on the counter to take some pictures and he proceeded to eat my still life. My eleven year old tried them but passed on seconds saying she would eat the larger, edible flowers when she was in the country in the summer.
The leftover greens also brightened up my tacos. 
If you would like to join me and Feed Me Dearly in the 52 week challenge, send me an email with the name of your blog and I will get you information on how to participate.




Jessica said...

Great idea : ) Love that you're encouraging readers to join – will do the same. And those tacos look incredible by the way. I'm definitely snapping up some of those flowers next time I'm at the farmers' market.

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