Monday, September 9, 2013

Rallying: Day One

Kids are back in school today. I am back to packing lunches and early mornings--feeling pretty worn out day one. This afternoon, we bought some fruit gummies to bring to school for when the class has some kind of treat that my seven year old can't have. And my son came home today craving a subway sandwich which resulted in a trip to the grocery store at 7 pm to recreate a turkey hero with lettuce, red onions, olives and jalapeños. He has never had an actual subway sandwich or touched turkey or sliced turkey or jalapeno peppers but I guess it looked good to him in the lunchroom today. It is a little crazy that there are so many things he can't eat and it is better not to even think in those terms. I made Easy Curried Chicken with Rice for dinner which everyone ate. I am dead tired now but I feel I need to just jump back into my blog or I will never ever write again. I wonder when my busy life will get easier. With each year my kids go to bed later and later and instead of having more time to myself I have less. Sometimes it just feels so hard. I try to rally--to be cheerleader--but sometimes it all seems so hard. 

Maybe I just need more sleep...

Just tucked my twelve year old in to bed. Nice to say goodnight and be done with the day.

In an effort to put a positive spin on the day, here is a list of three things I am grateful for today...

1) camp laundry is finally done
2) my son ate his lunch today (or so he says)
3) my son's teacher's mother was diagnosed with celiac so she understands what gluten free is
4) my daughter hailed her first cab this morning
5) the chocolate chip cookies in the freezer are quite tasty
6) the day is over
7) tomorrow my housekeeper is coming to clean after a two and a half month trip to Malta
8) Welch's Fruit Gummies are labelled gluten free
9) I actually wrote a post
10) my kids are both sleeping--in their own beds--after a summer of a lot of co-sleeping.


Rebekah Hamon said...

I can really relate to your tiredness. My middle schooler and high schooler are staying up till 10 these days, and I am mourning my time alone in the evening, while trying to remember that they will be gone so soon, I need to cherish this time with them.

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gfcfmom said...

Yes--I totally agree--that we need to cherish this time with them before they move on. I guess I will have the rest of my life to post and only now to be with them.

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