Tuesday, February 11, 2014

By the Way Bakery--NYC's newest gluten free (and DAIRY-FREE!) Bakery

If you are gluten free (or dairy free or gluten free & dairy free) in NYC and you haven’t tried the cherry morello cake from By the Way Bakery you should immediately stop reading this post and head over to NYC’s newest gluten free/dairy free bakery. (If you are at work and you have a boss maybe get out your calendar right now and pencil in a visit.) I got a chance to meet owner/head baker Helene Godin at Erin's NYC Celiac Disease meet-up last night and sample the brownies, chocolate chip cookies, apple cake, ginger cookies and almond cookies.

The morello cake is still my favorite, but the chocolate chips cookies and brownies are also fantastic. I can’t think of a thing I tried that wasn't delicious. It is really hard to believe that everything Helene makes is gluten-free and dairy-free and I am still in shock that I can have everything in her shop. If I have to go anywhere to visit anyone I will now have to head over to the westside to purchase the large size morello cherry cake. I am already thinking of all the places I can take this cake to—of course I will bring it to Florida next week to visit my parents and then again when I go visit my in-laws in Brooklyn. And it would be perfect as a coffee cake for brunch, too.  It is an all purpose versatile item that tastes rich and buttery and not at all like any gluten-free, dairy-free pastry I have ever tasted. And it comes in a large, impressive size to share and a small mini size that is a perfect for one or two to share. So, in order to make this a balanced review, of course, I will have pros and cons…

PROS: Really outstanding gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods in a charming, small bakery that feels welcoming and warm. An impressive number of items to choose from.

CONS: Maybe they will eventually carry one savory item. I know it is not their thing but one cute little popover would be nice at some point. I don’t want to deflate from all the cakes and cookies and sweet treats that are outstanding. This comment is more about how good EVERYTHING tastes at By the Way Bakery. It just makes you want more!

2442 Broadway (between 90th and 91st St)
New York, NY 10028
(212) 877-0806

My favorite, the Cherry Morello Cake
don't these look delicious?

Chocolate chip Bundt cake...
The brownie has chunks of chocolate in it.

Helene Godin, the owner with Erin of Gluten-Free Fun
Helene with her happy and helpful staff


Molly (Based on a Sprue Story) said...

I didn't try the cakes when I visited, though I was drooling over them. Of what I tried, I thought the brownies were just mind-blowingly awesome and were definitely my favorite! Nice that it's so close to my neighborhood (Washington Heights), too. :)

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gfcfmom said...

You are so lucky that it is close to you! Yes, the brownies are amazing. It really is incredible what they are doing there. Happy you gave a shout out about what you tried/liked. Is there anything else on the Upper West Side that you like?

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Molly (Based on a Sprue Story) said...

We go to Hampton Chutney pretty often and like it a lot. All the way up in Washington Heights is a little trickier; I'm sure we could eat at some of the Dominican restaurants, but with the language barrier I'm too nervous to try them. (I really need to learn Spanish!)

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