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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jennifer, Mom of Zac, Makes Healing "Juice"

The healing "apple juice" that Jennifer makes for her son Zac includes fresh juice, important fats for brain function and specially formulated supplements. The nutrient rich drink has been a part of the larger treatment protocol Jennifer has implemented to help her son get better and she has seen great results. Combining conventional and mainstream approaches with love, acceptance, determination and COCONUT OIL have also been a huge factor in her son becoming a more verbal, connected and well child.

Janine Francolini, Founder of Flawless Foundation, shot this video to share with other parents Jennifer's wisdom. Flawless Foundation's mission is to bring holistic healing to children with behavioral challenges. Their tagline is "seeing the perfection in every child"--something Jennifer does every day without fail. (DISCLAIMER: some inappropriate or "expressive" language is used in the last minute of video in case your kids are nearby you might want to turn on the TV for them! I am personally THRILLED that Zac is expressing himself.)

Jennifer Ford has been practicing and studying yoga since 1995. For the past 15 years, she has supplemented her yogic studies through attending and participating in numerous yoga-related workshops and seminars. She also attends national and local conferences and seminars that focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Jennifer holds a Masters Degree in Education from The New School for Social Research and for many years taught in the New York City Public School system, working with more and more "at-risk" students as the years went by through Bent on Learning. It was her experimentation with yoga in the classroom that convinced her that yoga was a powerful, positive tool for young people, especially those with learning disabilities. She fully believes that yoga’s physical and philosophical framework is a natural compliment to today’s conventional education system. For a dozen years she has been coordinating school yoga programs combining her life passions: kids, yoga…and FUN!

If Jennifer is not cooking for her kids or running her yoga program Bent on Learning you can find her paddleboarding with Paddle Diva. Go HERE for information about Workout Wednesdays and Fitness Fridays with Paddle Diva in the Hamptons.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Healing Naturally: The Importance of Garlic for Detoxification

Garlic is an important food with amazing detoxification properties. When my son was sick and I was trying to heal him minced garlic was a staple in our kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all included minced garlic.

I started with coconut oil and added minced garlic as a base for every dish I made--even scrambled eggs contained finely minced garlic. Fried rice made with garlic and minced onions was my "go to" favorite dish for him. But for even the pickiest eaters, you can mince some garlic up and make a homemade tomato sauce with fresh garlic and use it on their pizza or pasta. Of course, garlic bread is also a favorite for kids. Homemade tacos are another way you can incorporate garlic into kids meals.

The allicin in garlic is has anti-bacterial properties and is thought of as a weak penicillin.Some sources say cooking reduces the antibacterial properties so fresh is better if you really need the antibiotic properties. According to
"allicin is created when GARLIC cloves are cut into or crushed. The cutting or crushing causes two components of GARLIC, allciin and the enzyme allcinase, to interact. "

Other sources say never use raw garlic saying it can damage the digestive tract. But since raw garlic is used in fresh food in many cultures it seems like it would be okay in moderation with the knowledge that it is something not to overdo.

Using garlic as a natural natural agents for heavy metal detox is explained in A Comprehensive Review of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Clinical Pearls from 30 Years of Medical Practice by Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

"Garlic has been shown to protect the white and red blood cells from oxidative damage, caused by metals in the blood stream - on their way out – and also has it's own valid detoxification functions. Garlic contains numerous sulphur components, including the most valuable sulph-hydryl groups which oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead and make these metals water soluble. This makes it easy for the organism to excrete these subastances. Garlic also contains alliin whis is enzymatically transformed into allicin, natures most potent antimicrobial agent. Metal toxic patients almost always suffer from secondary infections, which are often responsible for part of the symptoms. Garlic also contains the most important mineral which protects from mercury toxicity, bio active selenium. Most selenium products are poorly absorbable and do not reach those body compartments in need for it. Garlic selenium is the most beneficial natural bioavailable source."

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Why I DON'T Recommend a Gluten Challenge

Q: I was going to do a gluten challenge and get tested, since I have not been formally diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Let me know why you don’t recommend it. I have been gluten free for two years now and have never felt better.

A: The reason I don't recommend a gluten challenge is that it takes YEARS for the antibodies to develop so you won't have an accurate test even if you load up on gluten for 6-8 weeks. It will most likely be negative for celiac and you will most likely feel horrible--if you are sensitive to gluten. Add to that the fact that neurological damage from gluten can be irreversible, a gluten challenge can be pretty dangerous and pointless. My daughter got horribly sick from the gluten challenge. I took to my bed and was depressed eating gluten for 6 weeks. I felt so terrible that I called the doctor and insist that they do the test early. I also knew, no matter what the test said, that was the last time I would ever eat gluten. So many lifelong chronic problems really worsened on the gluten challenge--it became obvious to me that gluten was a factor. Another member of our family went to the emergency room thinking he was having a heart attack while undertaking a gluten challenge. Of course, we might not be so fanatically gluten free if we hadn't done the challenge--so it worked out. But, I later learned the damage can be irreversible. My son is doing the best. He never did the challenge! Of course, this is all anecdotal--but Ron Hoggan's article "Challenging the Gluten Challenge" also explains why a gluten challenge is not recommended...
"Any recommendation of a gluten challenge should be accompanied by a clear warning that the process may overlook many cases of celiac disease...And what about non-celiac gluten sensitivity? The absence of an intestinal lesion does not rule out gluten induced damage to other tissues, organs, and systems."
A doctor at the celiac center told me that even people formally diagnosed with celiac, on a gluten containing diet, can test negative as the antibodies come and go. People who are considering a gluten free diet should be tested before they begin the diet, with the understanding that they might get better, regardless of what the test says. After testing, they can begin the diet and see if their symptoms go away. People already on a gluten free diet can get the celiac genetic test by Prometheus, which will let them know if they have the genes for celiac. The gene test can be done while on a gluten free diet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quote: On Phenols by Kelly Dorfman

Healing the system, rather than removing everything with phenols, makes a lot of sense to me...I found this on naturalsolutionsradio.

"Some parents have used diets that remove all known phenol components (such as Sara's Diet ) to take the pressure off the PST-P system. While sometimes helpful, these diets are extraordinarily difficult to implement long-term, as naturally occurring phenols are in every food with color. Except in extreme cases, a diet reducing toxic load from the most concentrated sources...appears to be the best. That is...reduce juices (or limit to pear juice) and eliminate all artificial colors and flavors.Unfortunately, no amount of intervention...can totally unburden the PST-P enzymes....That is why it is critically important to improve the efficiency of the faulty enzyme system while attempting to lessen the load. Several nutrients may help. They include Vitamin C, reduced L- glutathione and N-acetylcysteine. All of the antioxidants (including selenium and bioflavanoids) are valuable for detoxification in general."

--Kelly Dorfman, Developmental Delay Registry founder, in New Developments, Winter 96-97, a DDR publication.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Parents Can Do

How you help your child depends on the severity of the symptoms. If your child has one problem (speech delay OR not sleeping through the night OR needs OT or PT OR is constantly sick OR has ear infections) then you could do research on the problem and try things that can help heal the underlying cause of the problem. But if your child has several issues (speech delay, poor sleeper, many ear infections, low muscle tone etc.) that are stacking up over time, then you need to try a more intensive intervention. There are several ways parents can begin to heal their kids before they find the right doctor or nutritionist that can tailor a nutritional program specifically for a child's digestive, developmental or behavioral problems.

1) Begin an elimination diet. You can try a gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free diet or begin researching and making changes based on severe symptoms. TACA has a dietary calendar that tells you in detail how to go GFCF in 10 weeks. Because the cerebellum is gluten and food sensitive and so many people have a problem with gluten it might make sense to give up gluten. Dairy is also a huge factor for kids with allergies, ear infections and developmental problems. And processed soy is not healthy for ANY child who is developing. For these reasons, starting an elimination diet makes sense for many chronic health problems that children face today. Some parents find it is easier to implement a restricted diet if a doctor or nutritionist recommends the change and testing confirms a problem. In this case, parents can wait to make changes.

Eliminating foods will make testing inconclusive--especially for celiac. I believe ALL kids with developmental problems should be tested for celiac BEFORE starting a gluten free diet. But while waiting for testing, parents can begin swapping products for more suitable products so everything is in place to begin an elimination diet when testing is finished. Moving toward a more nourishing diet with organic, homemade food and away from processed food is something any parent can try doing themselves. After testing, you still should try dietary intervention --kids who don't test positive for celiac can also recover through a GFCF diet. Sometimes making dietary changes will reveal sensitivities and there is no better test for food intolerance than seeing your child recover from digestive or behavioral problems.

2) Probiotics are important for restoring healthy bacteria in the gut and most people can benefit from supplementation. This is especially important if your child is chronically sick, has digestive problems (especially constipation or diarrhea), repeated ear infections or problems absorbing iron. Processed food, repeated courses of antibiotics and too much sugar can all lead to an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. An overgrowth of bad bacteria

3) Plant based enzymes are available from Houston Enzymes and they help break down food allowing more nutrients to be absorbed and reduce inflammation. Because the body has to do less to break down the food, it can attend to other necessary activities like detoxifying, healing and growing. Houston Enzymes have helped both my kids get better. My two year old with severe digestive problems takes 2 capsules of Tri-Enza and 1 capsule of No-Phenol before each meal. (I open them into a few tablespoons of water or rice milk) My seven year old has two AFP Peptizide chewables if she is going to be eating any dairy or soy. The AFP Peptizyde allow her to eat food that might give her a stomach ache. With the chewables she can have a gluten free pizza at a party or ice cream.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Alkaline Foods Might Keep You Healthy

Dr. Jeffrey Klass, a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Mary Coyle, a homeopathic practioner spoke at NAA-NYC Metro Chapter last month. One thing that I took away from the lecture was how a person's body being acid or alkaline influences their susceptibility to getting sick. Basically, bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment. Sugar, wheat and meat all increase acidity in the body. Most fruits and vegetables decrease acidity and increase alkalinity. Sugar promotes an acidic environment allowing bugs to take hold. While sugar in my household on Halloween is a given, if you wake up with a cough or a cold, you don't get any sugar until you are better.

Interestingly, body acidity is implicated in many diseases and many diseases can be signs of long-term acidity. Osteoporosis, digestive problems, poor immunity, arthritis, kidney diseases and gout, and cancer can all be triggered by long-term acidity according to one website, While no one knows what causes cancer, the macrobiotic diet that some have found helpful is based on the Acid & Alkaline theory written about by Herman Aihara. I found at that "At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer becomes dormant and at a pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live." There is a food chart at that has a list of alkaline foods. Interestingly, probiotics are alkaline!

But, my mantra has always been "Theory is one thing, reality is another." Listen to your body. I just want to give people tools so they can try to shift their health away from sickness toward health.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Question: Not Getting Better on the GFCF Diet

Q: I have SUCH a similar story with my 15 month old who lost the ability to speak, wave, blow kisses, etc. He has just started with a DAN! doctor and I'm hoping for good results. I put him on the GFCF diet one month ago and I haven't seen results. If anything, he's become worse. The one positive is that his bowels are SO much better than before (chronic diarrhea). I just wonder if I'm doing something wrong with the diet. Any thoughts on hidden sources of bad ingredients? Soy? Sugar? He still has soy ingredients and some sugar ingredients. Everything I buy for him is labeled gluten and casein free. Thanks in advance.

A: First, I would strongly recommend avoiding SOY as the gluten, dairy and soy molecules are all similar. When the immune system is down it will recognize the soy molecule as a gluten molecule and you might not see improvement.

Vitamins were also an important part of our son getting better, but the ALCAT allergy testing also really helped him. We used an integrated doctor in New York City for the ALCAT test, which revealed he was intolerant of: corn, almonds, avocado, broccoli, oranges, and black pepper. We never would have figured out these intolerances out using an elimination test. Once we removed these additional things from his diet we saw huge improvements. I am not sure if the ALCAT is similar to the IgG testing. I know the ALCAT looks at how the cells react to the foods. The IgG is also used by some DAN doctors and probably is also worth looking into if you can't find anyone to do the ALCAT test.

The vitamins we found helpful (in the order we used them) were: a good multivitamin, sublingual B12, B6, high EPA fish oil, PROBIOTICS, enzymes, nystatin and magnesium.) Some were prescribed by doctors, others I discovered myself looking up symptoms and vitamin deficiencies for my daughter and then ended up giving it to him, and some were recommended by parents. He started speaking after the B12 and gradually got better with each thing we added. A good multivitamin and GI Flora (100% GFCFSF!) probiotics which will restore the healthy gut flora are two things that might help your son. The GI Flora probiotics have been recommended by a DAN doctor/environmental allergist as well as a a DAN doctor/nutritionist. And they are light years better than most probiotics.

As far as the diet, there is hidden gluten in everything--even things labeled "gluten free." See my post "Rice Dream is Not Gluten Free." Removing the other allergens especially corn and soy can be a big help. Some people see more benefit from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet because sometimes the GFCF diet has too much processed stuff and some children cannot handle any processed grains. Sugar feeds the yeast and sometimes the yeast produces toxins (alcohol and formaldehyde.) So a yeast free diet is also worth looking at. My son was 18 months when we started the GFCF diet and we were 150% on the diet with him because of his severe regression and gut issues. He basically ate homemade, organic food for a year: rice cakes, chicken fried rice with a ton of leeks, onions and garlic (they are prebiotics,) fresh fruit, strawberry and raspberry fruit smoothies and FRESH squeezed juice (apple and carrot mostly), Westsoy RICE milk, tinkyada pasta, taco meat on rice, and homemade paleo muffins and waffles made with nuts and eggs and Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies. A lot of the GFCF stuff had soy lecithin in it, which we avoided completely when the neurologist told us about the soy molecule.

Your son's bowels being improved on the gluten free casein free diet is great news and is an indication that it is something you should stick with. That definitely bodes well for the future. Once the gut heals then they can absorb nutrients and heal. His becoming worse is a little worrisome, but not uncommon. There could be yeast die off or he could be getting gfcf traces here and there or he is allergic to other things (including soy) which now that he is off wheat and dairy, he is consuming more often, or he could be deficient in vitamins. They do say sometimes it gets worse before it gets better--if that makes any sense!

Also, we started speech therapy all day every day with our son to keep him connected. The speech therapist trained us to do the speech therapy. I wouldn't let him escape into playing with doors and the vacuum and keys for hours on end. I engaged him constantly by basically mimicking the very animated CONNECTED speech therapist we had. It is a lot of work--I KNOW!

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